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club house

  • Clubhouse offers a meeting room, full service kitchen and restrooms
  • Range hours are 8:00AM until 11:00PM daily (indoor and big bore ranges)

  • All indoor facilities are NON-SMOKING

Indoor Range

  • Indoor 25 yard, 10 port pistol range
  • Allowed firearms are: 
    • Pistols (including magnums)
    • Air pistol and air rifle
    • Small bore rifle (.22 rimfire)
    • Carbines (18" barrel or less) shooting pistol ammunition in 9mm, .40, and .45
  • State-of-the-art returning target system, baffles, and backstop
  • Carey's HVAC (heated for winter)

Big Bore Range

  • Underground two port, 100 yard center fire rifle range
  • Allowed firearms are:
    • Centerfire rifles up to (not including) .50 caliber BMG
    • Shotguns with single slug projectiles
    • Revolvers and single shot pistols

Archery Range

  • Outdoor archery range
  • 4 hanging bag targets at pre-set distances (for use with field points)
  • 2 movable foam targets (for use with broadheads)
  • Ample lighting for nighttime shooting
  • Picnic area and outdoor firepit

Outdoor air-Gun range - Now Open!

  • Outdoor, 10 meter air rifle/pistol pellet range
  • 4 shooting ports at a fixed firing line
  • Allowed firearms:
    • Air guns only in .177 and .22 lead pellets
    • Spring piston, CO2-12 gram cylinders, multi-pump, PCP, and gas spring
  • Absolutely no BBs, rimfire or centerfire firearms.  Air rifle/pistols only!

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