Archery Shooters on Outdoor Range with Instructors

SCFGPA has a long history in assisting the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife with ensuring that prospective archery hunters (we can only host archery classes, as we can not use firearms outdoors) in New Jersey meet a certain level of proficiency. This helps safeguard against the unnecessary wounding of animals, and also ensures a high level of safe equipment handling before hunters go afield to hunt deer and other game in NJ’s woods and waters.

The hunter education program is an integral part of the club’s original tenets, and is required to meet our mission statement dating back to the club's inception. Back in the day, prior to conservation officers (AKA game wardens) existence, the members of SCFGPA actually helped patrol the area for game violators.  Speaking of C/Os, all our current classes have a C/O in attendance to greet the students and explain exactly what they do in the field and to offer a bit of outreach to future hunters in NJ.

Our classes so far this summer have been interesting indeed given the COVID-19 restrictions in place.  The great volunteers on the Hunter Ed committee, of which we are always looking for new instructors, have successfully navigated through the restrictions and made any necessary adjustments, and have overseen the graduation of close to 100 new hunters so far.

The classes are much more streamlined now due to the restrictions, and don’t currently require any indoor classroom time, as all workbook testing is done online.  This allows us to increase the number of students, without impacting the club operations.

If anyone has any interest in joining the Hunter Ed instructor team, please contact our Hunter Ed Chairman to learn more about how to become a qualified NJ Div of F&W instructor.

If anyone needs assistance in signing up a prospective archery hunter you can also contact our Hunter Ed Chairman, and he will do his best to get you on the right track to becoming a safe and effective bow hunter in NJ.

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