Frequently Asked Questions

I need a place to shoot my handgun and/or rifle.  Can I come and use the range?

SCFGPA is a private club.  Only members (and their guests) are allowed to use the facilities.  If you would like to become a member of SCFGPA, please review our membership page.

How do I become a member?  How much are membership dues?

You must first meet all the criteria for Prospective members, including having a valid NJ FID, minimum training requirements, and a club sponsor (or letters of recommendation).  Membership dues information can be found on the membership application.

Once I'm a member, am I allowed to bring guests?

Yes.  Members are allowed to bring guests.  Please be sure to review the ByLaws and SOPs regarding the number guests you are allowed to bring.

Do you offer discounts on membership dues?

Yes.  We offer discounted membership dues for active duty military personnel and college students.

The one-time initiation fee is high.  Is there anyway to pay through a payment plan?

Please contact the membership chairman to discuss payment options.

Are you currently accepting new members?

Please check our membership information page for the latest status on membership.

How long is the indoor pistol range?

The indoor pistol range is 25 yards.

How long is the rifle range?

The underground rifle range is 100 yards.

What types of firearms can I shoot on the indoor range?

The indoor range is primarily meant as a pistol range.  As such, only handguns (including magnums), 22 rimfire rifles, and carbines chambered in pistol ammunition are allowed.  For a full list of allowed firearms, please see our facilities page.

Does the indoor range have AC?

The indoor range is heated for the winter, but it does not have AC for the summer.

How can my son/daughter join the junior teams?

Please contact the Junior Rifle coordinators for more information on joining their programs.

Can you tell me if <insert name here> is a member of the club?

Unfortunately, for privacy reasons, we do not publish or divulge any member information.

Can I join as an "archery only" member?

At this time, we do not offer an "archery only" membership level.  Please check back again, as this may change in the future.

Can I shoot broadheads on the archery range or bring my own 3D targets?

Yes.  You are able to shoot broadheads at the foam targets, and you can also bring your own 3D targets.  Please do not shoot broadheads into the hanging bag targets.

I'm from an outside organization (i.e  Boy Scouts) and would like to use your facilities.  Who can I contact?

Please contact the Club President.

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